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Lawyer liu wave,Graduated from the north ethnic university school of law,A law、Double major in financial management,Now served as deputy director of chongqing sit well with law firm、Founding partner。 Since the practice,Engaged in a lot of the government、The company legal affairs,For Yubei District forestry bureau、Chongqing Yubei District public resources comprehensive management office、Bidding Yubei District public resources trading center、Chongqing branch auto parts co., LTD、Chongqing son creek brand marketing planning co., LTD......

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  • Chongqing sit well with law firms
  • Contact address:Chongqing liangjiang new area wealth avenue3Wealth center.Wealth transfer tower18Floor
  • Building construction
  • Engineering supervision
  • Engineering disputes
  • Judicial authentication

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